Health problems prevention at office work

A Ministry of the Interior Project, focused on supporting office staff health, launched in 2017.

Office workers have the opportunity to use an instructional video with basic exercises designed for office environment (see below) and also a series of seminars focused on:

Healthy musculoskeletal system

Sleep and regeneration

Specific "rehabilitation" (eyes, carpal tunnels, auto-massage)

Relaxation, concentration


Sedentary work strains the human body in a very unnatural and one-way manner. It is the cause of numerous health issues. In order to preserve our health, we need an active attitude, prevention, and regular compensation through a suitable physical exercise.

Within this programme, we strive to inspire and motivate towards the care for one’s own health at office work. We bring important informations and tear down the popular believed biases and errors. We offer simple, effective and easy-to-use exercises with a direct link to everyday reality and work duties. Exercises easy-to-use in everyday life – fast to learn, with just a little need of time or equipment.