Modern methods of body diagnostics

A method, which allows us to work with the human body
as a natural whole.

When using BioFeedback, we utilise combinations of modern medicinal methods and measuring procedures, not only for the purpose of monitoring activities of individual organs and parts of the human body, but namely to assess their correlations and reactions to certain stimuli.

Our body creates a host of signals for processing information and stimuli from its surroundings and controlling bodily processes, which we are capable of measuring through BioFeedback sensitive apparatuses.

The devices thus enable us monitoring for example movements of individual parts of the body, muscle activities and their performance, body stability, strength and movement acceleration, heart and vascular system, respiratory action and output, blood oxygenation, brain and nervous system function etc ..

Biofeedback advantages

The BioFeedback method application is non-invasive. Pairing BioFeedback measurements with diagnostic tools results in the capability of acquiring sufficient information about the human body and its behaviour as such.

Using the information acquired, we can not only assess the current conditions in a complex manner and also predict certain behavioural patterns concerning our body, but also, using suitable stimulation work on increasing performance, improving specific deficiencies or help the body resume its compromised balance and optimal functional status.

Modern methods of physical diagnostics

BioFeedback and its potential

Initial diagnostics

Provides fundamental information about body build, bodily structures and organs activities, their links and correlations.

BioFeedback measurement

Measuring biological data such as breathing, heartbeat, muscle activity, brain activity, etc results in provision of detailed information about individual body systems functioning, their mutual relations and prerequisites for performance in specific situations. 

Interconnection of measurement and diagnostics

Pairing BioFeedback measurements with diagnostic tools upon a specific activity, sports performance, resolving stress situations or relaxation provides us with complex information on body reactions, which we can consequently utilise in order to amend any deficiencies or stimulate.

Feedback and stimulation

On the basis of assessment and analysis of information gathered from BioFeedback measurements and diagnostics, we can set up and execute individual procedures and programmes of controlled feedback, stimulation, rectification procedures or practising specific situations and activities.

Using BioFeedback biological feedback, we are also able to monitor the training procedures and methods set up, optimise these accordingly and thus actively increase efficiency of the training undertaken, and that is what makes BioFeedback methodology and stimulation so effective.