Our instructors are former special teams officers (Law enforcement, Czech Republic) and also the experts in the area of preventative health support and the physical and mental conditioning.

We provide our services mainly to the members and staff of the Ministry of the Interior department, Czech Republic (operating in the field or in the office), and to top athletes of Olymp, Sports Centre of the Ministry of the Interior.


PhDr. Kamil Polák

Chief of the Specialized methodology department, Head and instructor of Protocol 24/7 project
Expert in the area of mental balance support, enhancing mental endurance and body-mind training. Optima and Detoxicon Project founder. Expert consultant in the area of enhancing mental endurance for security department of the Czech Republic, Czech Republic sports representatives, World Championship and Olympic Games participants. 30 years of experience in specialised departments of the Ministry of Interior, Czech Republic, resort. Co-organizer of four years of international conference entitled „Handling extreme situations“. Graduated from the Faculty of Sports Studies at the Masaryk University in the field of Special education of security departments and Applied sports education of security departments, within the frame of graduation studies of Kinanthropology resolved the scientific research assignment focused on impact of special auto-regulation techniques for enhancing endurance, and a University pedagogue (psychology of workload and stress, cognitive management).

Mgr. Roman Štědrý

Head and instructor of Red Zone project
Expert in the area of self-protection, enhancing organism endurance, handling limit situations. 20 years of experience with specialised departments of the Ministry of Interior, Czech Republic, resort. Graduated from the PALESTRA University of Physical Education and Sports and University of Jan Amos Komenský. Long-term instructor of professional self-defence and martial arts, focused on tactical solutions, behaviour, and practice for limit situations and enhancing body endurance. Long-term instructor of combative and instinctive shooting, shooting under pressure. Certified member and instructor of personal protection licenced by I.A.P.P.A. (International Association of Personal Protection Agents).


MuDr. Miloš Matouš

Consultant in the area of sports medicine, Olymp CSMV.
Projects: Detoxikon, Protokol 24/7

Ing. Petr Havlíček

Expert in the area of nutrition and healthy lifestyle.
Projects: Optima, Curative stays, Detoxikon, Protocol 24/7

Ing. Jiří Matoška

Consultant in the area of fear control in limit situations.
Project: Red Zone

Martina Juříková

Consultant in the area of physiotherapy.

GM Jim Corn

Consultant in the area of Okuden Kyusho.
Project: Red Zone

PhDr. Ing. Vratislav Pokorný, MBA

Expert in the area of psychology and cognitive sciences.
Projects: Detoxikon, Protokol 24/7

plk. doc. Ing. Mgr. David Ulrich, Ph.D.

Consultant in the area of physiology of stress and leadership, University of Defence, Czech Republic.
Projects: Red Zone, Detoxikon

David Solař

He studies Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, where he is a member of the University's Men's Tennis team as its captain. He is also in charge of two students organizations. He is currentlz working  on the second edition of his co-authored book Redshirt to Recordbreaker.

Josef Kodo Mádl

Consultant in the area of enhancing physical and mental resilience and zen meditation.
Projects: Detoxikon, Protokol 24/7

Martin Zvonař

Expert in the area of Okuden Kyusho, first aid using vital points, acupressure and acupuncture.
Projects: Detoxikon, Red Zone

PhDr. Šárka Soudková, Ph.D.

Consultant in the area of stress and trauma handling using Trauma sensitive yoga.
Projects: Detoxikon, Protokol 24/7

kpt. Ing. Martin Kuchař, Ph.D.

Consultant in the area of organism biology and physiology, biologically active substances forensic analysis laboratory, Chemical University, National anti-drug centre.
Projects: Detoxikon, Red Zone

Benjaminem Cem Gencoglu

Consultant in the area of Okuden Kyusho.
Project: Red Zone, Detoxikon

Mgr. Jaroslav Fil

Expert in the area of spiral stabilisation, Dorn method, massages.
Projects: Detoxikon, Red Zone, Protokol 24/7