Head and instructor: Martin Doležal

The movement health is something you can work on. And prevention is much more pleasant, effective and cheaper way than therapy. The modern life-style doesn't offer much of the natural movement. That is why we need to compensate by the functional exercise and movement training.

The effective movement health exercises respect the functional movement form. And it needs the proper instructions to be done correctly. If we are looking for some true results we also need the proper training attitude.


To make you want to take care of your movement health and teach you how to do it - that is the purpose of this project.

Movement Health Training project is primarily designed to members of Fire and Rescue Department, working in the field or in the office. Of course, it is also usable and beneficial in other professions.

The program is based on simple, effective and easy to use methods related to real-life work. The project results offer the effective movement health training methods - instructional ebooks and practical workshops.